Bluna du Bois des Buis

born 7th August 2010
at the kennel du Bois des Buis
in La Sarraz (CH)

HD B1, ED 0

Father: Eno da Capo
Mother: Etta vom Zulimo

Bluna's pedigree in the Barbet database

Bluna du Bois des Buis was the first Barbet (as a female dog correctly called Barbette) in Kiel when she moved in with us on 17th October 2010. From the beginnig Bluna was a dog that could be handled easily. She's a dog that wants to learn commands and likes working. She likes kids and is easy-going with other dogs.

Already as a puppy she attended a dog school. We train with the Hovawart Club Hovawartfreunde Schleswig-Holstein Mitte. In Croatia we used to train for Rallye Obedience KOSSP and FCI Obedience on our own or in Slovenia.

From 2012 on we sometimes showed Bluna at dog shows where she always got excellent reviews. She holds the title of the German Champion Deutscher Champion (VDH), the Croatian Champion of Beauty Hrvatski izložbeni prvak, and the Croatian Veteran Champion Hrvatski prvak veteran. She also passed the socialisation test in Switzerland with flying colours.

  • Puppy training classes

    Puppy training classes

    We took Bluna to puppy training classes as soon as possible after she arrived. Bluna loved going to the classes and was a quick lerner. She was really fond of
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  • Companion dog test

    Companion dog test

    On 14th April 2012 Bluna passed the companion dog test. The companion dog test, in which the knowledge of the handler about dogs as well as general obedience of the
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  • Natural aptitude test

    Natural aptitude test

    The Barbet is a gun dog and therefore needs a working dog trial for the breeding permission. At that time the VBBFL still accepted the swiss natural aptitude test. The
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  • Evaluation


    On 16th March 2016 Bluna was shown at the Day of the French gun dogs of the VBBFL. She was judged an excellent for her coat and her exterior.
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