We – Nicola and Maik – live in Kiel, a city that is not known for its architecture but for its geographic location. Kiel is situated at the Baltic Sea as well as the Kiel Canal and is surrounded by a beautiful countryside like the Probstei or the Schlei­region. It is possible to walk at the beach or at the Kiel Canal.

If you live in a city where you can be at the waterside so quickly and easily, it is a must to get a dog that loves the water too. That is the reason why we decided to get a waterdog. After some research, we decided to get a Barbet, a dog that was suitable to our needs and whishes.

There were just a few Barbet breeders in Germany at that time and thus we went on our wey to the French-speaking part of Switzerland. We had found the kennel du Bois des Buis and chose a little brown female that we picked up five weeks later.

Pepsi, Bluna and Maik

As is turned out, we had made the right decision and so began a lovely time with our dog Bluna.

Meanwhile the desire to have a second Barbet grew and we found a very interesting litter that fit our wishes in Ringwood in the south of England in the kennel Novaforesta.

In late spring 2015 Novaforesta Lily-of-the-Valley, called Pepsi came into our lives.